Anything God does – leads to good

Everything leads to good.

This is what it sounds like:

Kol ma shehashem ose – hakol letova.

Source [Arameic] – Talmud Bavli, Berahot, 60a

Ok. This is quite simple… 🙂

The truth is that this might be difficult for a few people to accept…

The Jewish sages tell us about a teacher called: Nahum Ish Gamzo.This teacher used to say about everything – this too is for the better.

His life was very tragic: he was totally blind, both his hands and legs were cut off, and he had Scabies all over his body. Not a nice scene.

But this person always saw the better side of things.

Most important to emphasize:

The saying here is not that anything God does is wonderful. We do look around the world, and see that there are a lot of bad things going on.
You cannot deny reality.

The saying here is that anything that happens – will lead to a better place.We believe that – even though we don’t see it right now with our own eyes.

The basis of this saying is that God is really-good. Therefore, anything he does – will lead eventually to a better reality, even if we don’t understand completely the way he rules the world.

This good person – Nahum Ish Gamzo, is mentioned in another story regarding the principle of retribution

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