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Jewish phrases and sayings: a whole world boils down to one sentence

Jewish phrases and Jewish sayings are an excellent way capture the spirit of Judaism.

By familiaring yourself with some of these phrases, you can begin to understand what Judaism has to say and get a sense of its essence.

Jewish sayings have developed over a period of thousands of years, beginning from the time of the Bible, through the age of the Jewish Sages, and continuing until today.

Here are some of the most well-known Jewish sayings:

  • Love your friend as you love yourself.
  • The effort sets the payment.
  • If I don’t take responsibility for myself, who will?
  • Anything god does will eventually be good.
  • Listen Israel: god – the almighty – is one.
  • On three pillars does the world stand: on Torah, on Prayer, and on Charity.
  • The whole world is a narrow bridge, and the main task is not to be afraid at all.
  • He Who makes peace in heaven, He will bestow peace upon us and upon all of Israel – Amen.
  • It is not your duty to finish the job, but nor are you exempt from it.

A few more jewish phrases – in Yiddish. 

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